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Here are eight memorable X-Games, the good and bad, with special attention paid to the deepest cuts they pulled from the X-Men’s labyrinthine history. X-Men Arcade Konami, 1992 Arcade-goers of a certain age crammed countless quarters into Konami’s line of beat-em-ups, but X-Men was the first and only game with a doublewide cabinet to accept payment from six marks at once.

The action was nearly identical to predecessors like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons, but now you could play with two more friends!

But if you haven't played the Angelique RPG, the OVA will probably make you go "wtf? I found the comment you were referring to on page 109.

" ^^; It's a very sweet game that has sweet romance that reminds me of Fruits Basket, so if you like Fruits Basket, you'll like Angelique (in fact, the Fruits Basket author is an Angelique fan herself... ^_^ It's still one of those special Japanese style games, so of course I'm interested. I think I'm going to call the manga shop to ask if it has arrived yet one of these days.

However, it seems that the times are changing, since some otome games are getting licensed in English.The enduring appeal of the X-Men is that they take part in a byzantine personality-driven soap opera full of unrequited romances, sibling rivalry, betrayals, time travel and evil clones.The platonic ideal of an X-Men game would take after a Japanese dating sim, where you play a new mutant forced to romance as many of your favorites as possible while deducing who the X-Traitor is, losing only if you seduce your child from the future or an evil shapeshifter. Until that day, we cope with what has been provided.However, we will make sure to include them in our special mention list, so look forward to that.Without further ado, we present you the updated version of top 10 otome games.