English men dating indian women

In fact, we value them so much so, that in our native homeland, Indians still put up with arranged marriages and they're okay with it because Mom and Dad know best.

In our culture, you'll find a traditionally-rooted respect for elders that you won't find anywhere else.

This fundamental incompatibility will take each party down a peg or two and may eventually lead to divorce.

On the subject of children, you are bound to disagree.

Every now and then, it can get tough for us; we must assimilate into American culture seamlessly, while simultaneously staying true to aspects of our native Hinduism.

Still, it's this balance we are somehow gracefully able to maintain, which makes us so damn special.

They come over to the UK with bright eyes, toned abs, a wad of cash, bags of ambition and a romantic notion of marrying a dashing Darcy, a brooding Rochester, even a brainy Miliband (bad luck, Hillary; well done, Louise): an aloof but articulate man who will fall unconditionally for their energetic, healthy New World optimism.

American women will agonise for hours about their three-month-old’s emotional stability and general intelligence.

Chances are, your British husband was raised not to speak in company until he was at least 12 and had something decent to add to the conversation. He is likely to trust her judgement over yours because, well, “Mum puts a lot of thought into things like this”.

If you are a single American (or UK) woman and are seriously entertaining the idea of accepting an invitation from an Indian man, be aware of the fact that you probably wont receive candy or flowers and you will probably not be asked where youd like to go.

It needs to be said that this is meant as no disrespect to you, it is just a difference in the way things are done in India.